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JROTC Leadership Advantage


JROTC Leadership Advantage


JROTC Leadership Advantage


JROTC Leadership Advantage


JROTC Leadership Advantage

Stem Skills

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Our Mission

JROTC Leadership Advantage has been in existence since 2017. Our mission is to provide opportunities for JROTC students that might not be available to them through their traditional high school programs.

With maturity, we now seek to advance the level of support that we can provide to these disadvantaged students.

Cyber and STEM Training

JROTC Leadership Advantage (JLA) is an IRS recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a unique mission.

One of JLA’s core tenants is to provide cutting edge STEM training to JROTC Cadets. This usually occurs in the summer at a week-long residential camp experience.

JLA seeks to help break the cycle of poverty by providing cutting edge Cyber/STEM training to the students who are enrolled in JROTC programs. We offer training throughout the United States.

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Summer Enrichment Activities

Since IRS recognition in 2017, JROTC Leadership Advantage has secured five government contracts to provide summer enrichment activities for USMC JROTC Cadets

This has resulted in three Cyber STEM Camps (two in 2018, and one in 2019) and two cadet leadership camps (one each in 2018 and 2019).

As the company matures, it seeks additional enrichment activities with all branches of the military’s JROTC programs

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities

JLA offers academic scholarships to JROTC cadets on a ‘needs-based’ format. Additionally, JLA seeks internship opportunities for cadets to further their training in all STEM related fields.

Branch Chapters

JROTC Leadership Advantage is funded at the national level through public and private contracts, contributions, and the development of chapter organizations.

Chapters will be formed at key geographical locations, where there is a dense population of JROTC units, usually near large cities. These chapter organizations will seek to partner with like-minded businesses in the geographical area, to help create funding streams in support of national goals.

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Fund Raising Efforts

JROTC Leadership Advantage seeks to expand our scope and influence by significantly increasing company fundraising efforts. To accomplish this, we are moving aggressively to increase our size and footprint, both by adding staff and offering additional lines of business.

We will continue to seek opportunities to contract with all service JROTC HQs, but we will also look for ways to re-shape the company’s structure, to accommodate these additional business lines.

JROTC Leadership Advantage
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