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JROTC Leadership Advantage

Our Program’s History

We held our first week-long Cyber STEM Camp in 2013. Through a grant from the U.S. Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC) program, we were able to bring 75 cadets from several states to the camp at a local high school’s campus.

The following summer, we hosted three camps with more than 300 cadets total, and our increased grant funding helped us expand our curriculum to include the VEX robot and a computer robotics package.

As time went on, we fine-tuned our program and curriculum and decided to move to nonprofit status. In October of 2017, JROTC Leadership Advantage was officially recognized as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Since 2016 we have worked annually with Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia that provides a perfect setting for our Cyber STEM Camps. The excellent facilities and close proximity to both our nation’s capital and to eastern U.S. schools make Randolph-Macon a fantastic partner for our programs.

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Cyber Security Courses

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest-growing employment opportunities in the nation. While it is imperative that our young people know how to secure themselves in an ever-growing online world, these same young men and women need to be aware of the employment opportunities is the world of STEM and Cyber Security. Cyber Security is important to the future of our young people, and it is vital to the strength of our nation.

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Summer Training for JROTC Students

Summer training begins with attendance at one of the residence camps, and is reinforced with internship opportunities following the completion of our cybersecurity and STEM-focused courses. The perfect location for the internship is back in the cadet’s home school district where he or she can assist in the school’s IT department, computer lab, or any other place where STEM education can be reinforced. JLA will partner with the internship source to pay the cadet a stipend for their work. In this way, we seek to help disrupt the cycle of poverty by training cadets and showcasing career opportunities in cybersecurity and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and giving them a chance to put their newfound training and education into practice.

Our Goal

Our goal is to develop, encourage, and foster STEM education in high school JROTC programs by conducting in-depth summer camps that introduce cadets to technology that they might not be exposed to in their schools.

Although our core strength is JROTC, we can tailor a program for any high school.

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Training Camp Facilities

Each Cyber STEM Camp is capable of providing room, board, and academics to approximately 125 students/cadets. Camps run from Sunday through Saturday, and on the last day of camp, we hold a graduation ceremony that is open to parents and friends.

Every effort is made to offer camp completely free for cadets to attend. We believe that education is the key to fighting poverty, and we don’t want any cadets unable to attend because of limited funds. We invite JROTC cadets from all branches of the military, navy, air force, army, and Marine Corps to apply and attend our camps.

Cyber STEM Camp

Our training program is a truly unique way to learn cybersecurity practices and STEM standards. Our trained instructors are excited to work with JROTC cadets to develop these skills.

At Cyber STEM Camp, you can expect to learn aeronautics and aviation through drone flights and flight simulators. You will learn to code enough to program robots, both on land and submersible, and we hold robot races to test our skills. 

JROTC Leadership Advantage

Our instructors will cover network security and cyber defense, and you’ll have a good understanding of how computer systems work, including how to secure yourself and your network online.

In addition to cyber training, JROTC Leadership Advantage offers a full range of customized Cadet Leadership Camps (CLC) emphasizing traditional adventure-style training including high and low ropes, confidence building, staff planning, and more.

We learn in the classroom and then apply our knowledge in tangible, hands-on exercises that all cadets enjoy. We’re in the middle of planning our future Cyber STEM Camps.


We rely solely on donations and grants, so your donations are critical in providing once in a lifetime experiences to these deserving JROTC cadets. Your donations allow us to provide training for JROTC and high school students.

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