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JROTC Leadership Advantage

Local Chapter Establishments in the US

An increase in depth and breadth of cadet enrichment activities will require an increase in company resources. JLA intends to meet this requirement by establishing local chapter organizations of the parent company.Initially, chapters will be located where there is a relatively dense grouping of high schools JROTC units such as large urban areas. 

These chapters, in turn, will generate revenue by encouraging local chapter membership, and by conducting fund raising activities.Membership will primarily consist of current and former JROTC instructors, but will also include former cadets, and ‘friends’ of JROTC such as local businesses and other service organizations. Chapter responsibilities will be ‘locally’ focused, with particular attention and resources being made available to National Defense Cadet Corps units.

Additional chapter responsibilities include:

(a) Maintaining data on cadets who have graduated high school but did not enlist by conducting outreach to graduating seniors for the purpose of establishing a data base that tracks their decision to enlist or not for the five years after they have graduated;
(b) Fund raising efforts;
(c) Chapter membership;
(d) Strategic partnerships with local business and education activities;
(e) Management of local awards program;
(f) Provide additional financial, and other resource support, to NDCC programs.

At full maturity, it is envisioned that there will be at a minimum, one chapter per state. States with a high density of JROTC units may see more than one chapter.

JROTC Leadership Advantage
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