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JROTC Leadership Advantage

Cadets Training in Cyber STEM Camps in the US

JROTC Leadership Advantage focuses on providing training to cadets during our Cyber STEM Camps. We do our best to place these cadets into fields where they can flex their muscles and make a difference through scholarships and internships after high school.

We are always looking for partners to help our cadets receive internships and scholarships in the field of cybersecurity.

Scholarship Opportunities

In 2020, JROTC Leadership Advantage will award its first financial scholarships to USMC JROTC cadets, with the intent to expand this effort to other branch JROTC programs, as the company becomes more financially able.

This is a need-based scholarship and is designed for those individuals who are entering a STEM-related field, either at a community college, two- or four-year institution. The scholarship initiative coupled with the internship program represents another cornerstone initiative of this company.


As part of its core mission to advance STEM Education, JROTC Leadership Advantage seeks opportunities to create internship positions for JROTC cadets in STEM-related areas. Given the location of JROTC units in high schools, the company looks first to the school district to facilitate these internship positions by providing a location/position/supervision.

School districts possess a wealth of locations where a cadet might be gainfully employed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If the school district is unable to fund the internship, JROTC Leadership Advantage will provide the financial resources funds.

JROTC Leadership Advantage
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